Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aaaah growing up....

Who would want to be 18 again? Hands up? Those over fifty who would really want to go back there?

Didn’t think I’d get too many volunteers.

There are so many distractions, media, options, and choices while at the same time shackled to a body of raging hormones.

Life seems so short when you are 18 – tomorrow is an eternity away. Making decisions is all about the now.

It is an era of instant gratification. Not helped by the comfortable life parents give growing up, they expect that this is what life is going to be like and not realising of course that the comforts afforded them by parents comes from hard work and tough decisions along the way.

But growing up is also about learning to make your own decisions and sticking by them and about being responsible for these decisions and everything that goes with them.

Sometimes the reality is tough.

It’s not called tough love for nothing.

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