Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boys Toys.....

What is it with gadgets and the male of the species?

I find it interesting that women shopping and men seem to be diametrically opposed to each other. That the thought of browsing and wandering into shops and looking rather than buying, that comparing the cut and fabric of clothes from one place to another is an activity that causes men extreme misery. Their eyes glaze over, their feet start tapping. They agree to wait outside the store.

And there you are inside ever conscious of that presence outside waiting. You love them dearly but how have they not adjusted over the years?

Living as an expat intensifies the experience. You often only have one car. There is no local public transport that you can utilise on your own. Shopping is done in tandem.

Some shopping malls are wise to the experience: comfy chairs and barista’s at regular intervals see men sipping coffee, or dozing lined up in the chairs. A repository of shopping bags at their feet and not a woman in sight.

But then there are boy’s toys. Gadgets, cars, bikes, equipment, things that go buzz.

A truly amazing transformation takes place.

All of a sudden shopping the male version takes over. Preceded by the appropriate period of internet research, relevant magazine browsing and research in book shops, discussions over lunch at work or in the car park at work, men gather speed and intensity in their march towards the cash register. Comparing shops, levels of service, after sales support, warranty and lifespan.

Armed with research they venture forth for the best deal – going from shop to shop in proportion to the increasing levels of adrenalin and testosterone now zooming around their bodies.

Until at last they emerge with their bright shiny toy held high for all to see.

Of course there are some advantages.

A man on a shopping mission of his own will agree to buy anything you want if your timing is right!

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