Thursday, September 2, 2010

Somewhere out there....

Sounds like the name of a song. Is there anyone out there?

Sometimes it’s a bit like that. Tapping away putting down fleeting passages of my life like dust devils skittering across the back porch.

Is anyone listening?

Well I know Oprah isn’t. I have not received an ounce of attention from her!

Still I keep going.

What is the etiquette of the internet blog author? Is it too polite to ask who’s out there? Or is it just my need to know that someone else connects with the way I think.

Or is it like embroidery? The blogged word creating a tapestry of ideas and textures that colour the stories of my life, providing enjoyment by practising a skill, mastering and creating something others can enjoy.

Sometimes I wonder how far my words have spread. Like the six degrees of separation who am I now connected to? Am I just boring my Facebook friends to tears?

How many radars is my blogging a blip on?

How many hemispheres have I now traversed?

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