Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trust .....

Why is it that some of us are never satisfied with who we are? That our life is never glamorous enough, or we’re frightened of being boring, not being noticed, or of disappearing against the wall paper on the desktop that makes up our existence.

Why is it that we have to exaggerate and embroider and add on to what it is about who we are? Aren’t we unique enough?

Why is it that some people have to spin a story because they want to grab our attention – wavering between reality and fiction?

Children and adolescence seem to have the market cornered on this little activity.

Some adults have this habit as well. Boosting up CV’s, embroidering stories where there is only an ounce of truth. They can cause serious trouble and inflict physical and emotional pain and suffering on others.

Don’t they realise that in this day and age the marvels of Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites don’t let you get away with anything.

Don’t do this to yourself. It doesn’t do you any favours. Don’t do it to me. I’m so gullible and trusting. I have this inherent faith in people that they won’t mislead me. Nobody is invisible and no one can hide.

I’m a great believer in karma. Sometimes things will come back and bite you on the proverbial.

Beware of the teeth marks.

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