Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Junk mail...........

I have this sign on my letter box at home NO JUNK MAIL. I think it is pretty clear. Don’t even think about putting advertising material, flyers, pizza brochures, good deals etc in there, I don’t need them clogging up my life filling it with false promises and ways to spend my hard earned cash.

I don’t have a letter box here. My only source of mail is through the internet. I know I’m a bit of a mail junkie and long for a letter or two to arrive. It’s not the same as opening the mailbox, but seeing that envelope on the bottom toolbar just makes my day.

Having said that, I really hate junk emails. It’s not that I haven’t got filters I have. Unfortunately they sometimes screen out the important bits as well.

What they don’t seem to screen out are those chain emails that are sent in such bad taste. I’m a bit of a reading freak and will read everything cover to cover. Do others read everything as obsessively as me or do they stop after a few lines and think that’s funny and decide to send it on? Don't they see the racism, bigotry and petty mindedness that get passed on for humour? Do they not see that this warped humour is a subtle veil covering behaviour that only forges ahead with extending stereotypes?

Some junk mail I don’t mind - beautiful scenery, a thought for life, and a way of laughing at oneself these I don’t mind.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a prude and Tim Minchin is my sort of gig, using humour to confront bigotry and reflect back on society and its failings is one thing.

Being mean under the cover of humour, is another thing, and is way too much for me.

So stop and think before you click on the forward button and add my name.

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