Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So I’m not lovely, and I’m not a nice person...........

I’m just not that sort of person. It came as a shock.

Sitting having breakfast at a wonderful coffee shop after last year’s Breast Cancer Walk, with the girl child and my sister-in-law talking about all sorts of things that girls do when they get together we commented on a friend and said isn’t she lovely. It started a discussion on how we see others and how others see us.

It often crops up in conversation ‘she’s so nice’, ‘she’s such a nice person’, ‘isn’t she lovely’. I hadn’t realised it was a personality type.

I made the mistake of saying ‘well what am I?’ I think I am a ‘nice’ person; surely I fit into the ‘lovely’ category?

The girl child practically choked on her soy latte.

A look of horror passed my sister-in-law’s face.

‘Well mama, really you are not a ‘lovely’ person and I wouldn’t put you in the ‘nice’ category.’

Speechless does not even come close to describe my state following that revelation.

But surely I’m a ‘nice, lovely’ person.

Apparently not....

There was a pause in the conversation as she considered her next words...

‘Mama you are fabulous, that’s the only way to describe you.’


What is that? I felt a bit cheated.

But then I thought about it. I don’t fit the mould. I’m a bit opinionated – well ok a lot. I don’t take rubbish from anyone. I do things a bit differently, don’t dress the way others my age dress. I love art, strange art house movies, bluesy music with a classic twist. I love food and a good glass of wine to go with it and let’s not forget the champagne – I have a particular penchant for Moet. I’ve seen a few things and done a few things in my time. I’ve taken risks and climbed some mountains – well ok not the geographic ones. I have absolutely no hesitation showing my new breasts to whoever wants to see them. I keep bouncing back for more. I make mistakes dust myself off and start again.


Yes I think that’s absolutely right.

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