Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is it with chili?

What is it with chili? Don't get me wrong I love spicy flavoursome food. Food that tempts and teases the palate and makes the mind wander to exotic lands. But chili let's face it what is all the hoo ha.

I really don't see the point of bombarding precious morsels of meat or any other ingredient with an assault so nuclear in nature that any remnant of flavour is blasted out of recognition.

Of having to make sure the right cool drink, bread or heat abater is nearby to quell the burning fire in your mouth and belly.

When it comes to cuisine give me the flavours that lure me with aromas of slow cooking, roasting, food that has been caressed and lovingly prepared to please the hungry heart, the lonely lover, and calm the sorry soul stressed and frantic in frenetic world.

I know I should have said long before this but noooo sorry I don't like food with chili and as much as Nick Earls in Bachelor Kisses loved Baan Thai at Toowong don't ask me, I won't go, I don't do Thai food .. too many chili memories .....

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