Thursday, June 17, 2010

I like Black ....

I can’t help it. I love wearing black. Any time of day, team it with another primary colour, throw on a shawl, scarf or other accessory and I feel great.

I’ve tried lots of other colours. I’ve had my colours done. I know what I should wear but I also know that I look and most importantly feel great in black. I don’t like being too fussy when I dress. I don’t like too many tizzy bits with what I wear. Keep it simple that’s my motto.

I can hear the girl child groan from here “not another black dress/top/skirt/jacket mama your wardrobe is full of them”. And it is true. She’s doing a chemistry degree I’m sure she thinks of all those transition metals with all that colour and shakes her head that I just stick with black.

I also know there is black and there is black. The black I like is the fresh black, no reflection, no sheen just pure black the sort your eyes sink into. Not for me the black that is light, hazy, pretending to be black when it is really only a “could have been”. Dark grey dressed up as black. The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” black that fades away when washed and shows its true colour.

Not that I don’t have other clothes in a variety of colours but when I pull on a black top, my favourite with bracelet sleeves and boat neck, my favourite jeans with simple jewellery and shoes I know I look good ,can go anywhere and will feel great.

So I have moved to a country where black is a staple. Abayas are all around me in my favourite colour, adorned with beautiful embroidery and sparkles. A cultural must. I love them. My Omani BFF said to me today “so you moved to a country where everyone wears black”. Not a problem with me!

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