Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time moves on ......

Time moves on! Yes 6 months I’ve been home and what a journey, floods, storms, resettling, revising, and reconstituting a life that has spanned continents and friendships.

We are getting our lives back together.

The man in my life has finally got a car. While I miss the love you’s and goodbyes as I drop him off to work of a morning ... the coffee brought to the car from the barista on the ground floor of his building ... I love having some independence. To get out and about and get those ‘only one person can do’ jobs done!

We’ve shuffled and juggled furniture – always been part of our norm to rearrange and never let the impressions get too set in the carpet.

Gypsy. Roma. Bedouin. A mixture of all. Wanderlust? Yes!

Grey nomad – never!

While I dig over the garden and replant my little plot of green I look at the sky and smell the fresh green herbs in my kitchen garden corner and think of far off climes. Of friends now in fear, of lives and political landscapes changing. Missing those from afar, knowing their lives are changing too.

We carry our new far away brothers and sisters close to our hearts. We know that they have become part of the pulsing flow of our life held dear in our memories and safe in our spirit.

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