Friday, May 7, 2010

That pink colour ...

I really don't like breast cancer pink - there I've said it. If anyone can have post traumatic stress disorder from a colour that would be me. I have this great Geoff Bade dress that I bought before (the C word came into my life) in that pink - I just loved it still do but if I could change the colour I would.

I really don't like the word 'journey' either. Oh brother if I had one more person talk to me about the breast cancer journey I think I would scream.

I am entitled to say these things I'm from a minority group of people who've been there done that and have no breasts to show for it.

Lots of people said to me write a book. Well no.

What have I done? Well I've run away with my husband and left the children at home. I'm over the worst two years of my life and now is the time for another chapter of the adventure and you'll notice I didn't use the 'j' word once.


  1. now you tell me about the pink... and you look fabulous in it, hence the pink wrap I gave you before you left. It matches your complexion, suites your sparkly hair. Ah well, I guess you could always tie dye it purple ;o))

  2. It's a different pink - BC pink is hot pink, the wrap is pastel pink - I can cope with that!